Loose Connections

I title this post "Loose Connections" because im about to talk about Billy Ray Cyrus. Ever since we've been playing Balderdash I've found a way to incorporate Billy Ray Cyrus. The last being a movie synopsis titled "Loose Connections" in which my answer was the story of billy ray cyrus's hair plugs. I watched an episode of Hanna Montana where Billy Ray was wearing a headband. That means you have too much hair Billy Ray. The point is, I may or may not have watched the Teen Choice awards the other night and 1. Miley cyrus also has way too much hair and 2. Why would Billy Ray let his 16 year old trophy trounce around stage on a stripper pole? This poor little girl is quickly becoming the next Britney Spears (whom we all know I LOVE). But look at this:

and her recent cover on Elle:

Not a kid anymore? I think not Miley.

Talk about an achy breaky heart.


Brian and Liesl Garner said...

Yay you got a blog! :)

Completely agree about the Miley post. I saw that magazine yesterday and thought the same thing... how old is she? like 16!?

HAHAHA and Geoff's nest?! Is that for real!? I couldn't stop laughing.

Geoff + Katie said...

Brian and Jones told me to start one,so naturally I couldnt say no. Geoff's hair is unfortunately very real and very gross! He's totally bald now with the full beard. Ugh.

Jill said...

Um, I can't stop looking at that woman behind Miley in the stripper pole picture. The one who looks terrified and is looking in another direction. Actually, that's a face I make on a regular basis. Maybe that's why it's so intriguing. Because it's like I was there.