Male Bonding

This morning as I was getting ready to head out, Geoff showed up with a couple of giant-sized teammates. They wanted to play XBOX and do their laundry. I have no problems with either of these things. However, they didn't have a problem helping themselves, either. I realize they are boys so I fully expected that. When they opened my closet which reveals our washer and dryer they were welcomed by an array of my bras hanging to dry--lucky boys. I was also able to find out exactly how the team felt about me. Saturday after watching their scrimmage I was able to talk to Geoff. As we were talking I was introduced to 5 or 6 other players at different times during our conversation. And do you know what the first thing they said to me was? You don't know, but I will certainly tell you. "So, you didn't like his hair, huh?" (what is Geoff telling these kids?). It was me or the hair kids. I think he made the right choice. And before the team came over and got to check out my unders I started the Jillian Michael's 30-day shred. Oh. My. Gosh. Dang you Jillian. Those poor fatty's on The Biggest Loser you mentally abused. It was only 20 minutes long but after about 5 seconds I was sweating from every pore on my body. Jillian Michael's you are the spawn of Satan. I love you.

At the end of the video she tells you "you're on your way to being shredded." The only thing I think of when I hear that, is the paper shredder.

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mike said...

Shounds just like High School and all Geoff's and Brian's friends would be over to the house cleaning out the pantry. Sometimes I kind of miss those days....no, what was I thinking!