1, 2, 3...

1. I miss my husband. I hate eating dinner alone.
2. I hate going to the gym. I go everyday but I have to push myself to go anymore. I can think of a trillion other things I would rather do than go. Like eat a giant burger, watch Geoff at practice, craft something, watch a 3 hour Friends marathon, scrub the baseboards, clean Geoff's face hair out of the drain, anything! Thankfully my gym is closing for two weeks starting Saturday, which means Monday starts the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. ( biggest loser garner family?)
3. Geoff, just like I knew he would, took the next logical step in facial hair sculpting and did this:

It lasted for about twenty minutes before he said "this looks ugly". That was ugly? And the birds nest wasn't? Oh Geoff.

And our final product:

Bald and beautiful. My bathroom sink is officially clogged.

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Shellene said...

oh dear....clogged sinks (and toilets) are not a treat. you may add chewing on tin foil to your lists of things you would rather do than go to the gym. it may make you desire to keep up the good work.

if we're voting, my favorite is a little more hair on top and the stash/goatee look.