I was the foosball champion of my 7th grade health class.

Obviously a very productive class. Every morning we performed CPR on our desks and then the rest of the class was spent hearing old war stories about my teachers dad.

And to my future children, I promise never to make this:

Sour Cream Salmon Loaf? Gross. Found this little gem on the side of my off-brand Corn Flakes.

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mike said...

Katie, my Dad loved salmon and would make salmon patties kind of like they were hamburgers. It really was good tasting, but I have to agree that the sour-cream loaf doesn't invite much interest. Now a good meat loaf with any kind of potatos like mashed red potatos with skin on or off, mashed garlic potatos, baked, twice baked, potato salad, etc. that just seems to hit the spot for me. Did I mention meat loaf with potato chips? Or meat loaf sandwich on some kind of nice bread. Or meat loaf slices on nice bread slices with smashed potato chips on top of the slices for some nice crunch. All muy bueno!