Soon enough he wont have anymore hair to play with, and i'll finally be able to sleep at night.


britney said...

Someone call the Dr.!! I think Yosemite Sam got stung by a jelly fish!!

mike said...

Katie, Katie, Katie.....you are so right. Pretty soon he'll have hair on top of his head and the stache will go. Brit, you are right on target. Gol durn varmit!! Katie, from what I see it's time to do your wifely duties and shave his back and shoulders again?? Have Geoff tell you about his experience with 'Nair" or when TC had his first shaving razon experience on G-Baby's back. Love you guys. Hope practice is going good and the hair evolution or revolution ends soon. Dad

Kels said...

Hi Katie!! (and Geoff)
You don't know me, but I grew up with Geoff!! Congrats on getting married; it's a blast! You kids make a great couple!! tell Geoff I said hello!