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I have always been a faithful beaver football fan. In the two years that I have been attending Oregon State I have gone to every home game. I love the atmosphere, I love giving high-fives to complete strangers, I love bundling up for night games and wearing my orange and black scarf. I love the beavs! However, now this is a very sensitive matter, I dont know much, if at all anything about football. Thankfully, I have the best girlfriend in the world, Laura, who knows everything about everything with a forte in everything sports. She knows every rule, what every call means and why there are so many "downs" (I dont know what that means...something about 10 yards or whatever). Thankfully she was with me at every game, and could explain everything to me. Unfortunately shes transferring to Idaho and we know how I feel about Idaho (ugh). However, being the determined woman that I am, and having incidentally married the man of my dreams who also incidentally plays what they call "football" I figure that I should learn the game.

Last week when Shellene and I went to go see Julie and Julia (go see it) and they had a preview for a movie called The Blind Side. I almost cried during the preview. So I looked into it, to see what the name of the book was called. It was also called, The Blind Side...imagine that. Turns out the book is about football. So when I went to the library to get it, I also saw this sweet little number:

Look at how happy those kids are, all because they know how to play football! I too could be just like them! Look at Howie! I'm sure he was happy to find another job than doing those Radio Shack commercials with Teri Hatcher! How could I not bring this home with me? How was I so lucky to have it readily available and not snatched up by some other football dummie?! Im going to learn so much.

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Shellene said...

our prayers are sometimes answered in the most unusual ways :) who would have thunk it? finding that book right there!

my trouble is...i know most of the rules and what it all means....i just have the darndest time following the ball. i usually can't tell where it is until it's up in the air or someone is smashed under a pile of people and it's over.

it was way easy in high school to pick out which one was geoff (kind of like the jack-in-the-box kid). it will be harder now that he's as big as most of the other offensive players. i'll have to look for the burly beard...but then again...i'll miss where the ball is.

oh well...the pretzels (if cooked right) and the diet coke usually help make the game!