First Post

We're officially up and blogging. Well, i am. Not Geoff. I hear when you get married its a requirement to blog and who am I to shirk on my marital duties? Mostly I want to keep all of our Arizona family in the loop on what were up to in Oregon, since Geoff never calls. Anyway I'll try to keep up on all our summer activites but for now I have to clean and paint my nails!


Shellene said...

yeah for blogs.......and keeping up with family in Arizona. thanks for the fun trip and letting us crash your apartment. tell geoff we're thinking of him during football camp!!

mike said...

Now, that picture of the bird's nest is the nightmare! My vote for what it's worth is that he cut off the rest of the hair, leave the mustache and flavor saver only and get rid of the rest of the beard. Thanks for the fun! Now back to your nails.