Buckingham Palace...

is exactly where I went today. Thankfully it is so conveniently located next to me on the corner of Western and 4th. It also happens to be the name of an antiques store I visited today. And I found exactly what I needed. Check out these gems:

they're a little dusty but I washed them and they look brand new and beautiful.

I realize they are a little old school, but thats my style. Im going to use them as flour and sugar containers. My old ones from Ikea got busted in the long move from my old apartment 5 blocks away. The lady was really kind (seeing as she already gave me a bargain after I haggled with her) and threw in this sweet pic I started to taking a liking to. He is so happy to be gettin off that plane. I dont blame him either. I had to take tiny planes like that from Idaho to Oregon. I would have done the same thing he was doing, but when I got off the plane it was usually 10 below freezing and no one was there to greet me--other than the airport I had to hike over to to catch my next flight. Thanks mom and dad for shipping me off to Idaho.

Today was the last day of fall camp. They had a big scrimmage in Reeser. I got some action shots of Geoff--just to prove he is working hard.

Check out that tight end.

I somehow ended up sitting in the geriatric section and spent a whole lot of time talking to this sweet old couple about Geoff.

And if today couldn't get any better, this finally arrive in the mail:

Rent this now. You'll feel so much more complete. Promise.

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