sorry, i've been busy gestating my baby and working lots of extra hours.

We haven't been up to too much around here. And to be honest I wouldnt be able to remember most of it anyway. We took some weekend trips here and there. A few weekends ago we went to visit my parents. It was during Cherry Festival. Which isnt as exciting as it sounds...or does that even sound exciting? Anyway, what im getting at is that they had an all goat petting zoo. It was AMAZING. If you know me you know that I REALLY want a baby goat. I'm still bitter we never got our wedding goat. They had these little 2 week old baby goats that were absolutly adorable. I got to hold one of them and she was really sweet and would just lay her head on me and hang out. Seeing as this is a huge dream on mine I was 'thisclose' to a Kristen Bell sloth meltdown. Geoff has finally agreed to get me a pet goat so I'd say our future is really looking up.

In other news, im still pregnant. Here are some pictures for those who would like to see my transition from normal human to beached whale. 

24 weeks...and yes i take my photos at work. 

I think this was 28 weeks?

30 1/2 weeks /Today/Happy Mothers Day

Geoff helped out in primary today and made me a beautiful mothers day drawing

what a sweetheart ;)

Im grateful for my mom and mother in law. I was raised by a great woman and so was he. We both love our mothers very much!


Shellene said...

Cute post. I FINALLY get to see you prego. You look amazing. So does the wee one. She seems to be cookin' just right. I see no prego-swelling or bloating at all. Happy Mother's Day to you. I'm wondering where you will think you will house that baby goat??? We have lots of grass up in the mountain property that could use some trimming.... See you guys soon!

mike garner said...

Looking forward to this summer and OS, then shortly after that your lives will change forever.Nice touch on the Mother's Day card. What happened to your 16-18 yr old class?