bed rest.

After coming back from California vacation, I went to my OB appointment only to find out I had developed high blood pressure (who knew vacation could be so stressful? What did you guys do to me?? I only kid :). Anyway, things didnt change at my next appointment and so my Dr. put me on bed rest. So after my appointment I went straight to work! I really just had to wrap some things up and I couldnt leave the girl I was going to job offer hanging! This behavior is really only foreshadowing how bad I am at bed rest. My Dr. told me not to do anything---boring! The only activities she gave me to do are checking the mail and getting snacks. Wait? so you want to me lay in bed and get fat? Perfect...not.

Needless to say, Im doing more than I should but really, they should just take this baby out of me already. I go see my Dr.'s twice a week and EVERY time I ask them to induce me and EVERY time they tell me no. Im really not getting my way, and trust me I've tried every approach I can think of. If they dont take this baby out shes going to stay in there forever. She really likes it in there for some reason. She hasnt dropped, I have very few contractions, and no dilating or effacing is to be found. So, really guys, im doing great :) Thats my pity party. Sorry. Im done. When I am being good about 'resting' it looks something like this:

But i've spent my time washing and organizing baby clothes and blankets...

My sister taunts me by sending me sweet pictures of her new little lady, Willa.

oh, and dont be too jealous of my pee jug. I get to collect for 24 hours to see if my gestational hypertension will turn into preeclampsia. (its a pretty big jug, but I would like to thank the lab tech who so graciously offered me two of them just in case one wouldnt be enough...yikes)

Here's to wishing me preeclampsia and getting this baby out a few days early!


Sara said...

from a previous bed-rester, let me just say that I feel your pain. also, how about my dumb nurse only gave me 1 pee-jug, which I filled up in way less than 24 hours (twins = mega pee), so I brought it back completely full and had to do it ALL OVER AGAIN, this time with 2 jugs. awesome.
nothing like keeping your pee in the fridge next to sunday dinner.

mike garner said...

As Jack Black in Nacho Libre would say; "Take it easy!" Don't do too much. I'm sure it drives you crazy but it's just for a short while and then you will be delivered from this experience right into another life changing experience, Motherhood! Two pee-filled bottles in the firdge is so much better than one. Reminds me of all the years growing up at home with my mother an RN. I can't repeat here some of the things that were kept in our fridge over the weekend until the Dr.'s office opened on Monday morning and we got our fridge back. So excited......hurry up!