oh hi....

Its been a loooooong time. Its literally been 6 months since ive even opened my computer. Oh well!

Since July.....
We've had a baby! Whew----I knew you were just dying for that information.
Moved to AZ.
Geoff got a Job.....and then a new Job :)
And a bunch of little things in between.

Anyway, here is my totes adorbs baby:   Mila Bea Garner!

Having a baby is soooo not easy. Not that I expected it to be. Giving birth for like 2 days is really bad. What I didnt expect is just how much I would LOVE my epidural. I've said it before and i'll say it again--I want one of those everyday! I could totally go for one right now. Sigh....

My L&D nurses were amazing and my Midwife Angie was incredible and so easy going about things. It was so fun to have all of them check in on us and come see Mila after she was born. 

Anyway, thats all ive got for now. Getting back into blogging is exhausting---or maybe it was that step class.

I hate step class.


MichelleY said...

you know you LOVE step class...and I don't remember Mila ever being that little :)All I see now are blue eyes and cheeks!!

Stephanie said...

I love Mila. I am sorry you hate step class, but you need to step up your blogging. I want more pictures and stories about AZ life.