"Cut your hair Steve, cuz its getting NASH-ty!"

Game 6. Blazers vs. Los Suns,
and we had tickets.

And he was the only suns fan to be found in our section

Being impartial, I clapped the entire game
Which happens when you are cheering for both teams. 

(We took a million pictures but when your parents are both blind and have no idea how to work a phone camera, you end up with a lot of blurry photos--and crotch shots)

Geoff and I made it on the JUMBOTRON!!
The people behind us had some signs so we made it in, and then they promptly cut out to another group of people because Geoff started waving his Suns hat in the air. 

Geoffs face of victory after Los Suns won. 

Needless to say, Geoff had a good time.

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britney said...

Great post, and way to stay true to your team Geoff!