Spring Game, and other matters

The Spring Game was yesterday and Geoff did great. 
He had to take so many reps though and was so tired after the game.
My dad snapped this photo of Geoff. 

I love this picture. Geoff is doing everything that he is supposed to. 
(It may or may not already be framed and on our wall.)

His cheering section

"Um, who's blood is that on your jersey?"

Geoff did great during the game and after we had fun at our place cookin on the grill and Celebrating Richards 30th Birthday!

On Friday football had a family softball game for those who were in town for the Spring Game/Mom's weekend.
Before we went up to the family dinner after the softball game, Geoff and some of his other teammates took us down to their locker room.

Geoff in front of his locker

It was stinky in that helmet

All the tables and chairs are signed by everyone. From this year and years past.

This is such a cool photo they have on the wall going downstairs.
Its the inside of the helmet as the team runs on the field. 

Geoff is so excited to have the Spring Game overwith.
No more football until August!

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