On Friday I went on a Study Tour to Nike to meet with Merchandisers and Product Developers--and do some networking. I got to take a tour of their campus and do some really, really fantastic shopping.

Since Nike is headquartered in Beaverton, they are really involved with our school and we are always having guest speakers in our classes and what not.

Did you know that Phil started this whole thing with a waffle iron?
Thats how he made the sole of his shoes.
I pretty sure you knew that, just about everyone does.
But just in case you didnt...

Nike's campus is huge. All seven extra large buildings surround a 4 acre man-made lake.

the lake and our full group

Each building is named after an athlete.
We started out in the Micahel Jordan building

all his air jordans he wore during his basketball games--signed.
they even had his baseball cleats with the dirt still on them.

this is lifesize and 3-dimensional cast of his standard air jordan pose.

We accidentally took a wrong turn into a small parking lot that held the spots for all their presidents and CEO's and thier athletes.
Every spot was filled with Mazarati's and Audi's.
They had spots for Carmelo Anthony, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter etc.

Tim Tebow was there that day, but on our way over to see him he had already left.
They have soccer fields, golfing greens, basketball courts all of which have hoseted the worlds greatest athletes and teams.

The whole trip ended like this.

dont worry, its all socks. Im lying, its full of shoes and clothing.
They gave us all passes to go to the Nike employee store and I enjoyed every minute of those wholesale prices. 


britney said...

How fun! Beats going to the Coors distribution center I went to while at ASU for our Marketing class field trip. Of course I wasn't drinking the free beer, but I know everyone else had a great time, the highlight of their semester. You didn't happen to see some size 12s did you?

mike said...

Sorry, Brit hijacked my favorites page and I didn't see she was the last one logged in. That last comment was Jones.

britney said...

Nice Job Jones - Now we know who really made the pogs comment on Michelles blog. J/K - It automatically got blamed on Scott. Anyways - anyone who know me knows that I would have been drinking the free beer .... so it obviously wasnt me doing the writing!