Year One, or "While Geoff Was Away Pt. Deux"...

I was finally able to compile all of the stuff I had saved from Geoffs first year of football, and put it all in one big binder.

look how thick this thing is!

It has every game day book,

(Unfortunately Moevao on the cover has gotten himself into quite a bit of legal trouble--let it be a lesson to you all not to steal the OSU athletics golf cart while intoxicated.)

some plays,

Room keys, airline and gameday ticket stubs,

And the newspaper clippings.

Hes a star.

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Shellene said...

i'm so glad you're doing that for him. all his high school stuff is just in a big box. i never had time. keep it up. that's awesome! keep some of his shirts/shorts and we'll make another awesome quilt for him from his college days. i'm sure it will look like it's straight from pottery barn!!