A few thoughts...

1. I've been so busy trying to get organized and plan for California, i've completely forgotten to plan graduation too...but thats probably because i will not be truly graduated as of today. I still have some summer stuff to finish up.
2. My tips of my pinky's are always cold. Always. Not that, that information matters
3. Im currently writing this blog to avoid cleaning and packing.
4. I still need to find out if it's okay to iron my gown. My guess is no.
         ---thankfully I consider myself a textiles genius.
5. I drank more Diet Coke this week and last than I care to mention.
6. Geoff is totally adorable.
7. Tonight when I went to the gym (a place I hardly reconize as of late) I felt like I was back in my normal life where I didnt have a grown up job, and had less to worry and think about. I miss it a bit. Change is hard, but its good for us.
8. Colorado never asked me if they could join the Pac 10. Have they even seen the Pacific Coast?


MichelleY said...

Congratulations Katie! Graduating is a big accomplishment, and yes you can iron your gown....I only know because a certain hawaiian pulled his gown out of a mailed package the night before the ceremony and it had been in there folded for over a month :) Just turn it inside out and put the iron on really low. See you guys on Saturday !

mike said...

Congrats KT, you made it!!
Comment #2: In AZ my pinkies are never cold, and don't ache, and don't get chapped.
Comment #5: You know my choice of beverage. I'm sure it help immensely holding things together while you finished tests and projects. It's almost a food and sleep substitute!! See you very soon.