desperately want to blog about something (maybe im just trying to aviod homework, which is probably true since I already cleaned everything, which is what I normally do when I want to avoid homework). I have no good material. My life has suddenly become boring? WHAT? Someone should have told me it was coming before it hit. It would have been the polite thing to do. With the term half-way done, things are getting mundane. I would probably notice the more exciting things in life if I wasnt so bogged down by this period of waiting that I am in. Geoff and I are waiting to find out if we got into a new place to live. Its a really great place. Like, really really great. I cant describe it in more detail because it hurts to even talk about it. All I cant say is,  G and I really want to get into this place. Its a waiting game and I cant wait for it to be over.

I dont think I can agree with you on this one Warhol.

In better news, Sleepless in Seattle Sundays are back on, starting tonight.

Me + Sleepless in Seattle = MFEO

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mike said...

Hope you guys get the new place, then you can expand with more "stuff" to fill up the extra room. One cannot have too much "stuff!" It would be nice also to have some room for a craft room / study for all that homework and holiday crafts. Looking forward to having you here for Thanksgiving. It should have cooled off by then (I hope). Love you guys!