Right before G and I got hitched I put us on a witing list for low-income housing. We forgot about it until about 3 weeks ago when a letter came saying that we were on the top of the list and that if we wanted to apply we could. So we did. This morning I got a call saying that we qualified and we could move in anytime after Thanksgiving. This is such a blessing! Geoff and I were so grateful to get our little place but in 5 months time we have quickly grown out of it. Its very small, but its a wonderful place with a great location. We will be relocating on December 1st to Camas Commons! Its such a sweet little community with duplexes and townhouses and a park in the middle. Geoff and I will occupy and two bedroom townhouse with LOTS of storage and we couldnt be more excited!

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MichelleY said...

Congrats on the new place! Big boys are messy and take up lots of room :)It will be fun to decorate....Hobby Lobby anyone?