Over Christmas break I am about to embark on the best DIY project ever, enabled by my awesome Dad. Now that I have the space I am going to build my own mantel. I love all the old ones I see at antique stores and i've passed up a lot of good ones because of my spacing issues. I found an old mantel for my mom a couple weekends ago up in Washington. After I looked over the construction of it, I figured it was something I could reconstruct myself using hers as my pattern and distress and paint however I choose. I am so excitited! I found this one online to give you the gist of what im talking about.

its function is none other than to just look pretty. I love hers in this photo--although I think her display is a little junky and I dont like the paper inset for myself.  Its going to be pretty stellar. And if all goes well, a headboard design will be our  next project.

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Shellene said...


looks like you may have power tools on your Christmas list.

just remind g-train to not try and light a real fire in it when he's cold....(results would equal (do the hand signs) Not Cute)