be grateful.

November is the month for thanks and I have a lot to be thankful for.  Facebookers are devoting status to thanks and so are bloggers. So why not me too? I want in on the fun.

I am thankful for...

  • FAMILY, these people will love you the most and never let go of you even when your at your worst mood. Im so grateful my family got bigger in June when G and I got hitched for all eternity, which means his family is stuck with me and im not lettin' go  :).........And the awesome family I grew up with and all the things they do for me.
  • GEOFF, he brings so much joy into my life and we continue to grow closer everyday. Marriage has taught me about balance and compromise and most of all love and selflessness. I never knew how much I would want so much happiness and good for someone else other than myself. 
  • RELIGION, it brings meaning and blessings into my life and makes me the happiest person I can be. I know who I am, what I stand for and where I am going. How many people my age can say that?
  • TEMPLE MARRIAGES, we're in it to win it and theres no turning back. I have never seen more blessings in my life since i've been married and its a direct result of preparing and partaking in a temple marriage.
  • SCHOOL, its been the hardest and most rewarding time in my life. It gets, hard, mundane and sometimes my professors dont have it all together, but I love learning and gaining knowledge of all the things around me and for that I feel greatly rewarded. I hope to always be a lifelong learner.
  • MOVING, with a new place we will have more room to grow in many ways including foodstorage and babies (dont worry, not now, but someday im going to have to fill that extra bedroom with something other than holiday decorations :)
  • HEALTH, with no health insurance and campus facilites that are free, its nice to know i'm healthy and will always be taken care of.
  • FRIENDS, these people laugh with me and enrich my life.
  • AUTUMN, its a beautiful time of year and makes my heart happy when I look around and see all the beautiful trees accenting all the brick buildings on campus. 
  • WINTER, its the most wonderful time of the year! Snow is on the ground, christmas songs are played and everyone is bundled up and warm and surrounded by people they love. (plus Elf and Charlie Brown Christmas :)
  • FOOTBALL, it has its ups and its downs but it brings us closer to Geoff and unified in something to do together and gather for.
  • TECHNOLOGY, it allows us to keep in contact so easily, go around the world in less than 15 hours, take tests online in pajamas, and send stupid/funny e-mails. Its a curse and blessing.
and for the things that need less explaination:
big gatherings
junk food
hobby lobby
perfect days downtown portland with my mom
the gym
cute clothes
meeting goals
tori spelling reality tv
sweet treats
osu shuttle
farmers market
my parents
tender mercies
kind people
Del Taco.


mike said...

Katie, I'm thankful that you and G found each other and sealed the deal the right way. That you are part of our family. You do have great parents and a wonderful family, and I'm thankful for the holidays that help us remember. Did I hear egg nog? Turkey and dressing and of course potatos, with pie too! Spiral cut ham. New TV shows like "Lie to me" "Bones" and "NCIS" and $1 Red box rentals, Walmarts, In N Out, Del Taco, hot dogs at Sams and Costco for lunch, friends at work, great neighbors, good home teachers, vehicles that work properly, Haloween, Shrek Christmas, babies and especially grandbabies, green grass front lawns, comfortable homes, traveling to fun places, Temple Christmas lights, our beautiful desert in winter, and sports to name a few more.

Jenny said...

Love this post! You are an amazing woman! Love you SO much!!