Geeze guys, get your minds out of the gutter.

I've been considering bangs--and by considering I mean that the idea popped into my mind two days ago and I immediately voiced it to Geoff. So stop freaking out mom--and Geoff. (I used to have totally awesome bangs when I was 5).

There are lots of different types of bangs.

Like large lady bangs. Somewhat comparable to what I used to rock in the elementary school. Minus that cleavage. Show me know more grandma!

Uncomfortable boy bangs. Puberty is rough man. (especially when your mom still thinks your five)

Boys who deny having bangs, but you cant deny that they be creepin'.

And the ever so attactive family bangs.

The featured above arent exactly what I am going for.

I was thinking something more sophisticated like Kiera Knightly here:

Or the ever so awesome Reese Witherspoon:

To bang or not to bang?


britney said...

I just got bangs a couple weeks ago. I LOVE them! You might like them, but they do suck when you go to the gym - go for it!

Mckenzi and Matthew said...

My name is Mckenzi Komenda, I went to high school with geoff and actually married one of his friends! I met you at your reception in Mesa but like anyone can remember a second of their reception:) I found your blog and love reading it, you are seriously the funniest person! I love it, Im excited to keep up with you and Geoff! And I would never have the guts but always covet cute bangs on girls... you should do it:)

Geoff + Katie said...

Aw thanks! I think im starting to gain the courage to cut them, but im slowly taking my time getting there. Your wedding pics were cute. I Loved your boquet!

christa said...

I think the reese bangs would be super cute on you...something you can pin back if you don't want the look all the time.