It was a pretty good year, if I do say so myself. It was full of lots of exciting moments. Geoff and I got married in June and honestly, I can hardly remember the months before that. I do remember starting off the new year right. In January I started school, then quickly took a week off to go to Hawaii (Gracias, Bryan Family) and then a couple weeks later on Jan. 31st (Thank you Geoff for remembering, if I had known at the time that he was going to be a permanent part of my life I would have tried to remember more) I met Geoff for the first time. That was after about 30 minutes of lame pick-up lines on FB chat, a trip to the gym on my part and then two hours later he walked into my apartment. I made him grilled cheese, to which he promptly fell in love with me. Then he tried to kiss me (geoff will tell you its the other way around, but hes wrong) and I turned away and then he left. Thankfully after all that, that boy had the courage to call me up the next day to see if I would go to a basketball game with him. After that the rest is a blur...

I do remember meeting his family for the first time and trying to figure out why I was so blessed or how I could feel so comfortable.

I remember picking out an engagement ring for three hours while jones and geoff sat on the couch talking sports.

I remember trying to find the perfect wedding dress. Finding it. Loving it. Then absolutely hating it and sitting in my dress, in my moms room crying and crying. Then falling in love with it again. (sorry mom.)

I also remember trying to focus in my classes but instead always making lists of things that needed to be done. And sharing all my wedding details in one of my late night classes--it was a small class and my teacher and all the girls loved asking me questions about it. It was so funny.

And then June 13th came along.

Then I remeber standing in the temple alone after Geoff and I had been sealed for time and all eternity and looking to him and asking him if he felt any different. He said no. I didnt feel any different either.

Since, then

We've moved twice and are much happier with our new townhouse.

We went through an entire season of football. Which included and is not limited to, traveling for games, organizing family and tickets, buying more beaver gear, keeping geoff motivated, and cheering my heart out.

------I do have to say that football does make it pretty easy on me by feeding Geoff and doing his football laundry. yuck. which only reinforces what a good mom Shellene is for doing all those boys sports laundry.

We made it through summer school, fall term and fall camp.

We we're able to see Geoff's family every month since we've been married, which is such a blessing.

I've been on planes more in the last year than I have in my entire life.

We had our first holiday season together.

The more I look back on 2009 the more I love it. It started out great and ended great with a lot of good stuff in the middle.

Happy New Year everyone!


mike said...

What a wonderful year it was! I'm glad you're part of Geoff's life and ours too now. It has been fun getting to see you guys as often as we have this fall, we'll have to do it some more. Looking forward to seeing you guys again on Thursday for the blessing. See you soon!!

MichelleY said...

2009 was a good year for you guys! Hope you had a Merry Christmas and fun with your family. See you soon :)