Skamania, we love your good eats.

Over the weekend we went to Skamania Lodge for their Friday Night Food Madness (thats not the technical name, and technically, I dont know the name for it). Anyway, its a whole bunch of prime rib and salmon and seafood and really, really good desserts delieved via everyones favorite way of "all you can eat" (Can you see how great this place is for Geoff? He loves this place). I love this place too for its food but also for its beautiful lodge setting and scenery--it also so happened to be where G and I took some of our sweet wedding photos. Here are some photos I was able to catch from that evening.

Geoff was trying out his "sexy moves" in this picture--which would have come in handy earlier when Manny the crepe making guy was trying out his moves on me.

all in all we had a pretty fun time.

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Shellene said...

sounds like a wonderful time. ask geoff how that rates in his book compared to panchos?