Las Vegas pt. DEUX

Went to Vegas again...

This time instead of the Sienna Suites (gracias SG), OSU (thanks for the free trip and flight) gave me a Venetian Suite:

The grand canal shops were pretty neat too.
This time I avoided the "statues"
Instead of scaring me this time they only winked at me

Geoff got to catch up with an old mission companion "Laidlaw"

Panama is the only things these boys have in common. They are so different but they have the best time together.

Fianally these boys (plus Jones) came in and rescued me from my misery (Vegas isnt exactly my city).

Oh, and I have to slip in this photo.
Video roulette much, boys?

The game was a bust. It was so much colder than the civil war. Jones, Brian and TC stayed for the entire thing.

I love my husband I do, but my love was not strong enough to get me though that game. I found my way down to the field, past the lady asking me for my credentials (for which I have none other than geoff--I dont think that was enough for her but I looked like I was about to cry and I dont think she wanted to deal with me), found the team bus drivers, partied with them for a bit by their fire/bbq, then they gave me a blanket and let me on the bus to watch the rest of the game.
I made lots of new friends that night, including the guy guarding the locker room. I had to relieve myself of the ton of hot cocoa I drank to try and warm up--which didnt work btw.

All in all it was a pretty good time. I got to learn lots about the players personal lives--I dont know if I can say thats a good thing, but that plane ride is in pretty close quarters.

Needless to say i'm (and G too) glad to be back in Oregon.

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