"all this to walk in the snow and eat chili?"

We went snowshoeing the other day. Geoff wasnt so keen on the idea, especially once he realized that my sisters family wanted to stop and eat chili out of a thermos in the woods (as part of my own beliefs--I dont eat chili from a can) but it sounded like a fun idea and something new to try out (minus the chili part)---and dont worry, we didnt eat chili in the woods, we went to a pizza place after we were done.

Geoff ended up having a pretty good time once he stopped complaining and forgot about the fact that he was walking.

It was so beautiful out there.

Geoff hadnt quite embraced it yet.

nor at this point either.

But then I think that the flavor of his hat started to come out and with the combination of his beard started embracing his inner woodsman. (does that sentance even make sense?)


Look closely, someone decorated this little tree with some christmas ornaments.
so sweet!

almost perfect, if air jordan hadnt decided to accompany us.


mike said...

Looks cold! Geoff probably was remembering that cold December night in Las Vegas. Actually, that is a lot of fun but G-Baby needs the right gear to stay dry and warm, ski pants or bib, waterproof boots (not tennies), down filled waterproof jacket and maybe a vest too, gloves that are waterproof and warm as well, full face shield and the hat looked to be just right, and a thermos of hot chocolate or hot apple cider in a small back pack filled with gel hand warmers, snickers candy bars, the almond kind, a couple of AZ burros from Filibertos, warm soup or chili too with crackers, and most important a scarf or muffler. Hope I didn't miss any body parts! How beautiful a place!! Where are you guys in these pictures? I told SG that you were probably in Washington, right? If you can stay warm and dry, it's so much fun. Snowmen, forts and snowball fights, inner-tubes, and a big bon-fire to sit next to. Fire up the quad too, it's a blast riding quads in the snow!! Looks like you guys are enjoying your time off. See you! PS, to respond to some recent blogs, your Mom does have quite a talent for painting!! What a neat gift idea. Larry, I don't know anyone more competitive than Geoff, so if it's not backgammon, it'll be something else! He has it constantly moving.

Geoff + Katie said...

We were in Oregon. Its just a hour drive from my house to get up to the mountain to ski, board, snowshoe and whatever else you heart desires to do in the snow.

oh, and we offered Geoff what snowstuff we could gather up in his size. The only thing he would use was the gloves hat and tashbags that covered his feet and kept them warm.

mike said...

Yes, I believe that. When Geoff dies he'll be able to sing Sinatra's "I did it my way!" He is almost as stubborn as his Mom, er Dad I should say.