Today is the day. The first day of camp. Hes had his physical. Weighed in. Fed a tasty meal of steak and lobster. Went to his meetings and hopefully will come home soon. 

Sometimes I think, this is going to be really, really long. We've only knocked out one season in his football career. But then I stop and think "How cool is it that I get to experience all of this with him?"

Right from the beginning we've been in this together. Its going to be long, its been hard and its a huge blessing. 

Im so glad to have his college years. wish us luck. 


mike said...

GO BIG ORANGE. Whoo Hoo!! Looking forward for the season starter. I know fall camp will be tough but with a home support team like G has, he will be just fine. KT, we missed you. There was an empty seat at the card table for you. We'll have to make it up along the road. I'm glad G has you to lean on and to come home to and complain to.

MichelleY said...

The Beavers never looked so good :)