Opposites attract?

Last night I took this photo. Geoff and I were sitting on the couch and he was trying on some new cleats. He put his legs up and I put mine up on his. Then I was looking at our feet, him in his cleats and me in my new (bright white) converse (say good bye to the ratty old ones I've had since high school). I looked at him and I said "I think it speaks to our personalities".

 What it said I wasnt really sure. We're just so opposite in ways. Most obvious im not athletic. Most athletes I know marry other athletes, and then breed athletic babies. I'm active but not athletic. But I thought, thats okay. I like him and he likes me and somehow we work together. But then, I was in class today and my teacher said "The old addage that opposites attract isnt true and almost all marriages between those who are opposite end in divorce!" Well then. Thankfully I plan on proving those statistics wrong.


sam said...

cutie new banner!

mike said...

KT, I like the tennies but I want to know what will happen with your old ones? They should be bronzed or put in a large shadow box so all who know you can appreciate for many years your old ones that truely set a new fashion statement. They could be handed down for generations to come and those who can tuely appreciate will see and understand. Or maybe they could be re-gifted to one of your siblings for next Christmas. Surely they could see the underlying nostalgia that would come with such a gift. Memories of childhoods lost and family members so dear! I can hear Aunt Rosie with her annual whitie-tighties (ask G-Baby).

Also, you have been unexpectedly quiet about TC's visit to the train depot. Hopefully there wasn't too much gas rendered, nor was there too much currancy squandered with a local tribe! I expected to hear stories that legands are made of. love you guys and see you soon!!

Geoff + Katie said...

Dont worry, I could never actually get rid of my old ones. I love em too much. And I would have blogged all about the visit from TC but 1. I never took any pictures, mostly because I was gone the whole visit, which lead to them spooning in my bed all night and 2. I was too afraid to take picture fearing that TC would make mention of my inability to take pictures because of the JacQuizz incident. Yikes!

mike said...

I had forgotten all about the Quizz incident, but I'm sure it was brought up a few times during his visit! For those who might not know, KT tried to take a picture of Quizz with TC while we were in the Venetian during the Maaco Bowl in Las Vegas. Quizz just wouldn't hold still long enough for the shutter speed to capture him on film. Maybe Quizz is a werewolf and his image can't be captured on film. Come to think of it, I never did see his reflection in all those big mirrors on the walls, did you?