Swass attack! To the maxxx!

Geoff came home from a basketball game covered in sweat (whats new?) 
Then he sat on my couch.
Then I realized that he was sittin on my couch and I said "Hey, get off that couch and take a shower Swassy Pants." Then he said "My butts not even that sweaty!" 
But then we saw this when he got up.

Swass is attacking my life. 
I see it at home, I see it at the gym.
I see swass. 


sarjobran said...

Oh its so romantic. He left you a swassy heart.

The Robinson's said...

Haha what a memorable post!! Love it!!

mike said...

I don't know, it must be a "half-full, half-empty thing. I see butt sweat, someone else sees a romantic heart. I don't think I would have ever seen the heart shaped swass. Your friend must be truely an old fashioned romantic. I see a load of laundry and 16 oz. of Fabreeze. See you guys soon. I hope it quits raining and snowing before you get here. Chau'