Everyone is talking about couponing--especially my sister. They have a million blogs to help you out too. I dont coupon beause I dont have the time to map out each store im going to go to for each deal. Its just not in the cards. However, I wandered over to one of those blogs the other day and found a deal I couldnt pass up. 
Geoff uses deodrant like its going out of style. With having football everyday hes always showering and reapplying this stuff. Needless to say I am spending tons of money on his pits. There was a coupon posted for $2 off 2 sticks of Right Guard deodrant (geoff's fav) and Safeway was running a sweet deal on them at 10/$10. Which means each one was a buck and I got a dollar off each stick, which really means I got 4 things of deo for F.R.E.E. 

And that my friends is the best kind of price. 


The Neels said...

What sites do you go to for couponing?

Geoff + Katie said...