The day after Geoff's birthday I threw him a party (we would have done it on Thursday, the actual day of his birth, but nothing can get in the way of Geoff's elder quorum basketball games). I made some sweet treats for everyone

And Geoff blew out the candles "like a real man" with only one blow (hes always talking to me about his awesome lung capacity, whatever)

Thank goodness we moved, or else we never would have been able to fit a dozen friends in our little Shadow Hills apartment. 

After our little party, we headed to The Dalles (@10pm) for a quick weekend trip (it was a very last minute decision).
My sister was in town and Geoff didnt have to teach sunday school on account of it being stake conference at church. 

It was short but it was fun. On Saturday my mom, sister, her girls and Geoff and I went to Klindt's bookstore downtown and we all picked out a book. Sweet deal, thanks mom!
We hung out until late Sunday night and then headed home. 
A quick but fun weekend. 

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mike said...

You may have to make some of those cupcakes when you guys are here to try them out, you know, for my birthday in August. Saturday is Big John's 50th. Captain America is officially old now. Sunday is Brodie's 5th BD, Michelle's then Liesl's then Scott's. Whew!