Bite me.

Monday night I had my second cake decorating class. It was a lot of fun. We had to bring in a pre-made round, frosted. We spent the most of our time learning to pipe and write. After that we had to do a rainbow design on our cake. We didnt get to finish, but this is the end result.
Geoff and I didnt care for the buttercream, probably because it was made with crisco--to get it extra white--yuck. But it was a lot of fun, the other girls in my class are a lot of fun, too. Except for this one woman who talked about keeping human specimines in her fridge--totally freak me out, right?
(sorry about the wonky pic, I dont know why its rotating that way or how to fix it.)

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mike said...

I'm sure it tasted really good. You have a talent for cooking and baking...I know. Good luck this weekend, we'll be watching!