Beaver football is officially undefeated as well as my husband. Geoff played in his first official Division One football game and he did wonderful--well except for that one part that we dont talk about but always remember to mention that it wasnt all his fault. Katz should have moved, ok? Anyway the night before Geoff came home to show me his new get-up.
Careful ladies, hes married--thats the first thing he said anyway. Geoff was excited to leave me at home that night for the unlimited Cold Stone ice cream they had for them at their hotel. I cant compare to that. We got to the game and it rained faithfully.
At the beginning of the game the whole team runs out of the giant inflatable helmet. They also have smoke machines go off. Geoff got a little lost in the smoke but found his way back.
Our seats were good but the people were soo mean. At half time me and Geoff's old mission companion Brodie and his brother Zach snuck into the student section and after a couple plays found ourselves a spot on the 50 yard line, front row. I never realized how great the student section was. Everyone cheers and has fun and high-fives each other. Our old section was a little cranky--but the game was around nap time. We also happened to score ourselves a spot right behind this guy:
Major hottie.
Some pics from the game.

Geoff did a great job! He hasnt played in a football game in so long and not only that but he played in an arena with 42,000 people watching--for the first time ever. After the game they allow you to go down on the field and play around.
We also got some other fun shots:
Final Score:
Geoff loves holding baby. It makes him feel like hes doing something important and responsible.
And then after everything, we ate. Since Geoff came into our lives we dont eat anywhere except Applebee's. Eyes are always bigger than stomach's. Fact.

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