In french blue...

I--and Geoff I suppose too, although he keeps asking what the big deal about this "chicken mixer" is--am the proud new owner of a french blue kitchen aid. My mom--bless her heart--called me about 15 times trying to figure out what color I would want and still be discrete about all of it. Her cover was blown after the second call. It was a very kind wedding gift from my parents. We were able to drive into Portland and have dinner with them yesterday when they gifted us with it.

All the ladies in cake deco class rave about their Kitchen Aid's. Now I can fit in and be popular too. Finally....

I decided to break it in tonight and make some cookies, which didnt turn out absolutly perfect so I wont show them.

Since Geoff is a "ice cream guy" and not a "cookie guy" I end up eating everything I make so please, please ask me to make you something so I can bake and not gain. Please?


•stephanie• said...

i'm so disappointed in geoff.
an "ice cream guy".
i could swear i've seen him eat cookies before!
{french blue is beautiful. congratulations on the new addition!}

Geoff + Katie said...

I am dissapointed in him too. But I guess I should have known, since we drop half our paycheck at Dairy Queen.

Brianne said...

Josh is definitely a "cookie guy". I totally feel you though because I'm almost exclusively a "cake girl".

Also, I'm totally jealous of your Kitchen Aid. Cute color too!