Picture This

Some pictures I like that I wanted to share.

Geoff grew some  hair.
He also got some sweet tan lines. Those'll make any girl jealous.
I stumbled upon this website this week. animalswithcasts.com. Can you even handle how cute that is?

Remember when I told you to rent Another Stakeout?  You didnt did you? Or else you would know exactly what this is. Its a meatloaf in the shape of an armadillo--of course.
Are you powered by orange? I know I am. (What that even means, I have no idea. I do know that I make fun of it a lot.) Or better yet--Got Beaver? (Shellene). OSU vs. PSU this weekend! Vote for Geoff!

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mike said...

Congrats Baby Boy! I'm looking forward to spending some fine Saturday afternoons watching Beaver Football! I know my Beaver is powered by Orange and Black!! Geoff looks much much better with hair I might add. Those tan lines (with corresponding knee braces) will save the knees for better things to come. When he's my age he'll be happy he took whatever measures to protect them!! Meatloaf in any shape is great, just add one of any number of potato dishes to it and you have a meal fit for Jones.Hope to be able to put together the UNLV trip. See you then.