And you think you've got problems

Every night I go to cake deco class, frosting goes from my cake to the windshield. Geoff suggested that I put my cakes on the passenger seat, instead of the dash--I now have frosting all over the passenger seat too. And just to let you know, that frosting is still there. I'm too busy doing laundry because apparently we know how to wear our clothes way too much.


mike said...

Love your cakes!Had to laugh when I saw the windshield. Been there. Maybe a cake pan set on the floorboard with a cover? Love that Oregon scenery through the windshield even with the frosting. See you soon!

britney said...

Im more worried about your driving. Katie, are you starting to veer off the road!? Be careful :) Dont worry, when you and Geoff have kids, there will be worse things than frosting on the seats. Ill leave it at that. :)