January 2011 is:

A cute new metallic purse. If it only fits my wallet, planner, keys and cell phone I cant possibly make a mess of it right?...right?

Uggs for all, warmer feet for all.

Luncheons with an old roomie :)

An upcoming trip to New York

Geoff puking in our neighbors bushes after cleaning up our nephews accident

A new niece...soon.

Birthday cake making (6 layers of chocolate on chocolate love)

and the dreaded beginning of winter football workouts :(


Brianne said...

Hooray for lunch with old roomies! I'm glad I convinced you to get the purse (not like to took much convincing). It's way cute!

mike said...

KT, I'm jealous of your NY trip, all except the snow and cold. Yes Baby boy does have a weak stomach. Ask him about red soda pop on every scout outing. Guess who got to clean out the tent every time? Right! Great cake!! Love from Jones