Empire state of mind.

I came. I saw. It conquered.

New York.
The trash on the streets, no.
The people however, yes. 

Can I mention those pigeons are fearless. One of them almost took out my eye.

Times Square--where we stayed. This was taken at 2am when we got in.

The Hudson. It had literally frozen over. My moms show was right here on the pier.

Shake shack. 
I went there three times--twice just for the black&white shakes.

'Yum Yum' Thai food on restaurant row. 

We went to two broadway shows. First we went to Spiderman and then to Phantom of the Opera. 
I cant explain how cool spiderman was. I loved it. Everypart of the stage was made of moving parts and the characters would fly all over the audience.

30 Rock.

Magnolia Bakery.
I literally had the best cupcake of my life. 
I gave my sister their cookbook for christmas this year because I know how much she loves to make ther vanilla cake recipe.
I totally regret giving it to her and not keeping it for myself. 

are you dying?

We went to The American Girl Place. 
They had everything for your dolls--like this headgear set.
Where was this when I was 15?
I had ditched my dolls by then but maybe if they had to go through braces too I wouldnt have.

My morning cab ride. My mom wouldnt let me go around NY by myself but had no problem sending my in a cab alone.

I was a lot of fun, but by the end all of us were ready to get back.


Shellene said...

i haven't ever been to ny. now that you're the pro, you'll have to take me on a guided tour some time...including a trip to that bakery! cab rides are the worst...they scare me to death. i haven't decided if i like it when they talk or like it when they are silently creepy the whole time as i see their eyes in the rear view miror and/or watch the meter go BLING, BLING, BLING extremely fast. oh yeah, i forgot, the worst is when they try to talk to me the whole time and i can't understand a word they are saying, even though they think they are speaking english.

looks like you had a great time. glad you returned safely to geoff!

p.w. why is my word verification for this post whophell? is that what you did on the trip with Larry?

micah said...

jealous! what a fun trip... and that bakery... oh my sounds delicious.

britney said...

2 words. Why wasnt i invited?
think long and hard about that one missy. looks like a great time! :0