wedge salad.

Do you watch Modern Family?
Does it parallel your life as much as it does mine?
Like eerily parallel, as if they have cameras in my house and are watching every move/joke/fight I have with Geoff?

its like totally freaking me out. 

Like for real:

And as far as this goes, the whole reason they are in a fight is because Phil's friend suggested he try a 'wedge salad'. He falls in love with it and it sends claire over the top because she has been suggesting it for years--amongst many other things--and Phil (Geoff) will only try it when a friend (teammate) suggests it. 

Oh and for the record, I dont throw broccoli at Geoff and he doesnt spary me with a fire extinguisher.

I love this show. 

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sarjobran said...

my life = the episode where phil cannot find the smoke detector that keeps chirping. NOT EVEN KIDDING. THAT IS MY LIFE ALMOST ONCE A MONTH!!