Since we've been back from enjoying the radiant Arizona weather....

we have been contunally growing fonder of the 'Hot Eats' side of the menu at DQ

Finally got around to potting my plants

(and yes, I did carry that owl pot from Hobby Lobby on the plane and the TSA guys look a little bewildered when they saw it on the xray screen)

And we spend our nights watching our copy of the first season of Fresh Prince

I forgot just how funny this show is.


Shellene said...

wow, that pot was meant for you. you didn't even show me your treasures from h.l. this trip. hope the weather has started cooperating for you two up there in beautiful flower country!

mike garner said...

It hit 100 degrees today, and we celebrated by watching Brodie's T-ball game in the heat. Sorry you missed it.
Fresh Prince was always a favorite at our house.I think all 4 of our children can still quote half the one-liners. I think for me DQ soft ice cream cones are still the best.Talk to you soon, Aloha!