running/creeper shots

yesterday is was finally warm/sunny enough to exercise outside.
One of the best things about where we live in Corvallis is all the running/biking paths by our house. 
You can start on one path and veer off onto a new one. 
ANYWAY, I decided to try out a new path the other day and it was amazing. 

Oh wait, what?

people over the age of 15 still rollerblade even though were out of the 90's?

Shortly after I took these photos and was thinking how much I liked this new path, a gang of girl bikers whizzed past me with their coin slots hanging out.

im glad I didnt get a picture of that. 
and while im at it:

check out the sweat patterns on this guy.

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MichelleY said...

sick...is that sweat? and why is he buying girls jewelry at claires? my fav place to get creeper shots is at Sonic of SG's favorite employee Chaz...she loves them texted to her daily :)