Always on my mind...

These little babies have been on my mind all week. And ive since spent my time trying to figure out how to get all of them--in my dreams!

I know Ugg boots can be considered cliche, but the people who say that have never tried them on. 
Everybody likes warm feet! 
I used to have a pair that I wore all over the place, but they got ruined by the salt they thow all over to melt the snow. Aaaannnd, I love the soles on these ones so much better. 
(Liesl, I think its time you get a pair of these now that your in Idaho--you'll appreciate them very much!)

I really want me some of these. 

These will probably stay a dream. Forever. 
But a girl can hope.

And technically, I already own these, just in a different color. 
But obviously I need them in Orange, especially after yesterdays game.

Its a good thing my birthday is just around the corner, right?
; )


sarjobran said...

I love hunter boots! Did you know that restorationhardware.com sells them and they have been on sale for awhile now? And if you find hunter boots on sale, you betta be gettin them fast!
Also, if nordstrom.com price-matches all sales that RH has, so if you want glossy you can get it on sale at nordstrom. probably the longest comment on H boots ever. dang it.

christa @ enSTYLEpedia said...

yeah it is. i mean birthday month...coming up soon!
here's what i'm getting:
brazilian blowout
huntress hunter boots
paige premium denim maternity pants
and whatever else i want.

britney said...

oh katie - can we go shopping together. You should have seen the ones i was eyeing today....sleek black, high heels.... but i can never find them in my size - or worse. they are always so much bigger than my calves. I vow to keep trying them on until i find the pair made for me! .... it may take forever!

Liesl said...

Yes! They would be very fitting for Idaho! I actually just ordered some boots :) ... but they're not uggs. I'll have to look into those!