Happy October Y'all!

I've said it before, but i'll say it again.
I love October. 
Its the perfect month. 
The leaves, the weather, the clothes, the baking, the smells. 
I. cant. get. enough. 

Not too much has been going on around these parts.
We had a huge/loud/fun Garner party over the weekend--so fun I didnt take any photos.
But heres a little bit of our October so far:

Geoff and Mt. Hood

pre-pumpkin patching. We'll do our annual visit to Davis Farms pumkin patch on Monday and I cant wait!

Thursday night warrented a visit from this little guy:

Monday Geoff took everyone on a tour of the football center.
Check out that stud in the center of this poster in the Players Lounge. 

They played on Reeser...

And Jones ran the 40 faster than Quizz. 

All of us had a pretty fun time at the game too. 

Go beavs!


britney said...

Thanks Katie - it was a great party! Im sorry we trashed your house. It is beautiful where you live.

Shellene said...

You forgot some of he best parts...the one legged "manaquin", the rrrucky 7 challenge, the balloon characters, and the "BRRING, BRRRING, GO BEAVS" beaver headed bicycle fan!! Thanks for letting us totally invade every square inch of your apartment. It was fun! ... and Beavs won!

Geoff + Katie said...

Don't forget Chocolate Rain