What are your middle names? ann and darrell (duh-rell, if your asking G.)

How long have you been together? Got married on June 13th. Met in February. (whew that was quick!)

How long did you know each other before you started dating?  We didnt know each other before we started dating. We just started dating right off the bat.

Who asked who out? Well, if you call Geoff writing on Facebook chat "this place is cold, maybe you
could use someone to warm you up?" on facebook asking me out, then I would have to say Geoff.

Whose siblings do you see the most? Mine.

Do you have any children together? No sir.

What about pets? No, thanks!

Did you go to the same school? We both spend 12 hrs. of our day at Oregon State. And the other 12 doing homework in our small apartment, seperately.

Who is the most sensitive? me, hands down.

Where do you eat out most as a couple? Applebees. Geoff cant get enough of their 1/2 price appatizers after 9. It usually follows up our trip to Stimulus Tuesday at the movies.

Where is the furthest you have ever traveled as a couple? Arizona.

Who has the worst temper? Maybe me, maybe Geoff. I dont really know.
Who does the cooking? Me, although cooking is done at a minimum seeing as I dont really like to cook just for myself.

Who is more social? I think we both know times that we want to spend with each other and times we want to spend with others. But sometimes, I think I am.

Who is the neat freak? Neither of us. We keep a fairly tidy place, but we dont always have a lot of time, and we have zero to none in storage space, so things can get a little messy.

Who is the most stubborn? HA!! We are both equally stubborn, we are both products of being the last child. (but sometimes Geoff can be more stubborn--a lot more stubborn)

Who hogs the bed? Well, Geoff is generally a bigger person. But I take the covers with me.

Who wakes up earlier? Depends on the day.

Where was your first date? The bowling alley.

Who has the bigger family? Equally, unless you count nieces and newphews, then Geoff wins.

Do you get flowers often?

Who eats more? G-train.

Who sings better? G-money.

Who does the laundry? That'd be me.

Who is better with the computer? Me, again. Geoff told me I just recently introduced the "tab" button into his life. I couldnt believe he'd never used it.

Who drives when you are together? He does. He gets mad at me when I drive.

Who picks where you go to dinner? We cant make that decision. ever.

Who is the first one to admit when they are wrong? Geoff, im a bad person.

Who wears the pants in this relationship? Together we share a extra large pair of sweatpants.

Who eats more sweets? Geoff eats a higher volume of sweets, but I think I eat them more often.

Who cries more? yeah, me again.

What's your best day together? One where we dont have any prior obligations like work, school football. It happens very rarely but when it does, its awsome.

Where did you honeymoon? Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Favorite date night? Stimulus Tuesday. $1 popcorn and soda and $2 candy at the movies. We end up spending more than we would on a regular night, even though we think were getting a deal.

Couple I imagine us growing old like? Me pushing Geoff around in a wheelchair because football took his knees and him still wearing basketball shorts, listening to rap, still acting like one of the kids and poking the neighborhood kids with his cane. Oh, and i'll probably have alzheimers.

Tell us about you.

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