Livin' it up in AZ.

Went to Arizona last weekend and had lots of fun!

Liesl started smuggling basketballs since we saw her last.

Geoff has awesome dexterity in his right hand.

We went to the game and it was lots of fun and a little scary to be the minority. After the game some of the boys came to our section and cheered and said hello.

brothers :)

Check out my sweet bus!

Thurdsay night when I got in I found this sweet gem in SG's pantry. Crepe maker! You know, like really thin pancakes. Needless to say we made crepes at 10:30. It was awesome.

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Brian and Liesl Garner said...

I'm so glad you guys got to come down and visit! It was really good seeing you guys. Can't wait for Thanksgiving :)

Oh yeah.. and Brian wanted me to tell you that crepes are for Christmas only.... apparently. It's a Garner family tradition. haha.