Larry, you rock.

Saturday my dad came down for the game and we had a pretty fun time together. We went to the farmers market to pick up some apple cider. This stuff is sooo good. I had to get it for Geoff because 1. I know how much he enjoys "beverages" and that I dont buy enough "beverages" 2. He likes apple juice a lot so I figured he'd love apple cider even more. Its so pure and so wonderful.

after we did that we went down to Melhafs mens store and decked the man out.


Then we went to Home Depot, because thats what you do with Larry--you go to Home Depot. Actually, I asked him if we could go because I wanted to make some shelves. So we spent the next hour making me some awesome shelves.

Clamps, man.


My dad said to put up some pictures and see how the shelves feel. I didnt have any extra pictures so I put up some DVD's.

I love my new shelves. Geoff loves them, too. He wasnt just happy already because we beat Stanford. He was really just happy about the shelves. Nothing else. (yeah, right.)
Gracias padre!


Shellene said...

Yeah for fun fall stuff. Yeah for the win. Yeah for the new shelves. Larry does rock. How nice to have your dad help you with handyman projects on request. Now please fill them with cute stuff. The DVDs are really Not Cute....(do the hand motions!)

Brianne said...

I think we have the same dining room table! Did you get it at Ikea?

P.S. It was really good to see you on Saturday! I miss having you in my life!

Geoff + Katie said...

Hobby Lobby girl! These shelves were made for them.

I did get the table at Ikea. I was glad I got to see you too! We'll find a time to get together again!

mike said...

Thank you Larry!! Somehow all those "handy-man" skills weren't real important to Geoff growing up. He does have XBOX 360 skills and Numb-skull skills. I have failed indeed! You do look sharp in team colors, and I have a budding collection of my own (Thanks Geoff). You should have heard the boos and "stuff" as I walked up into section 28 at ASU and sat with the parents of ASU's football players. I had no clue this was where the seats where but they eventually warmed up to me being there but I could never go crazy in my Orange and Black. Ahh..."beverages" one of a few of my favorite things, and then I don't feel ...so bad..., sorry I got carried away. But Jones beverages, how could you go wrong with that? Cream Soda and Root Beer...Now hot apple cider after a good civil war win on a late fall evening, not much better than that!! Love you guys. P.S. Was that DC I spied on the kitchen table??

mike said...

Yes, I almost forgot...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Tomoprrow you will be one year older than Geoff. You are such a cougar!! Wishing you all the very best, and I am very happy you are part of our family and Geoff's part of yours. Love you, Jones.

MichelleY said...

Happy Birthday Katie! Hope you have a good one. We love you!

Geoff + Katie said...