30 minutes later...

He shaved it all off!!

Not even 30 minutes after I took pictures of him loving the new beard comb, he got up and shaved it off. He said it was getting too scruffy--which it was. But I loved that beard, thankfully it will be back in full by tomorrow. However, I did find myself reminiscing about how he looked when I first met him. Check out that baby face:

Of course he didnt shave it off without playing with it first. That just wouldnt be Geoff's style.

But im thinking that next time, he should try out something like this:

That crowd managment kid knows where its at. And he looks so happy and cheerful.


Shellene said...

oh my!....did the drain clog again? My vote is for the 'stache and goat! he and aaron y. could rock it together.

SMC said...

How many more pictures of Geoff's facial hair must we endure?

Geoff + Katie said...

I thought you didnt comment on blogs? And besides, we dont have a baby. This is all the material I have.

Your just jealous your Jeff doesnt have that much chest hair.

britney said...

yay! - baby face I like! :)