Blogging from an iPad...

Makes for very slow blogging.

First off, the 'Geoff Garner' minor injury report:
-an ingrown toenail, fixed
-less than 24 hrs later 350lb dlineman, Castro breaks the rest of the remaining nail
-12 hrs later a dislocated left thumb
-after later inspection, torn ligiments are found. Currently wearing a soft cast.

Poor giblets. I feel so bad for the kid. Thankfully it's nothing worse.

Like Geoff did last month, I'm vacationing in The Dalles. It. Is. Awesome.

I spend everyday kickin' it poolside. I'm so tan. It's amazing.

And in other news, my stitches are out and I'm developing a scar that looks like a smiley face. It's pretty cool.

I'm going to learn how to can apple and cherry pie filling while im here so hopefully it all goes well and I can share my cornucopia of goods with everyone.

The first game of the season is in two weeks. Get ready Beaver Nation. It's gonna be fun.


britney said...

its only going to be seriously fun 1st game in Oct.... get ready KT !!!

britney said...

oh - by the way - wow gibs. im sorry. i cry over hang nails. hope your ligaments get better!