today, part trois.

and more appropriately subtitled, 'beauty and the beast'

Today I got a flower delivery at work from my dad (I <3 Larry) and geoff.

 'the beauty'

I also got to take off my tampon-looking gauze bandage only to reveal what I like to call, my frakenstein hand.

'the beast'

gross! sorry its all swollen and bruised and nasty looking.

but its cool, because to even things out i burnt my other hand on the oven today.
because i really wanted to have that whole trifecta injury working for me.
stitched hand, burnt hand, bruised tailbone.

im a HOT mess.

anyway, no biggie.

as for Geoff?

He went to Costco with Big Lar and C-town.
which is usually my job.
see? totally replacing me.

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Shellene said...

ouch, ouch, oucheeeeee!