today, part deux.

Today, Geoff went to the pool.

and myself?

I went to the ER and got my first stitches ever.

(i sent geoff this picture and he texted me back with 'i cant believe you got a manicure without me'--his eyesight was just a 'little' off)

a shelf fell off a ladder while I was working and sliced my knuckle to the bone and did some minor damage to the rest of my hand and forearm on the way down.

it was awesome, but more importantly what do you guys think?
should i change my name to Kandra??


britney said...

Dear Kandra,
I hope your bone is as white as the skeletons I studied in High School. More importantly, I hope the shelf is ok. You should report back on that.....
lol - hope you are feeling better and I hope Geoff gets there soon to take care of you! :) your tuff.

Shellene said...

hhmmmnnn, not fun girlfriend. I hope you at least got some good hospital grub out of it. or maybe one of those delicious generic diet colas hospitals usually serve! hope you feel better. boo boos aren't a girl's best friends!

MichelleY said...

where is goeff when you need him....oh yeah at the pool. hope the knuckle is okay kandra!

arieliona said...

ahh!! How did you feel about seeing your bone for the first time? You need to buy some of that super thick vitamin E oil to rub on it every night and take supplements for it so that it doesn't leave a nasty scar. Unless you're into that sort of thing ya know.

Young People in Love said...

bahahahahaha! I just showed this post to my husband and we were DYING! LOVED it. :)