fall camp. fall schmanp.

it official, fall camp has reared its ugly head and has infiltrated our previously awesome life.
but its cool, geoff is doing awesome (and no midlife crisis' on his part so... bonus!)

I get really bored, but its fine.
I paint my nails a lot...its my new thing.
I also chopped my hair off so i spend time getting to know 'short hair katie' again.
shes pretty cool.
(and no i will not post a picture)

Friday me and a friend went to watch practice--I would have had a better picture but crowd control was being just a wee bit intense.

anyway, apart from being exhausted and sore every night geoff is doing very well and I cant wait to see him on the field this year. 

*see below for another article on geoff from the Eugene Register Guard. 

**dont let me forget to mention that most nights my time with geoff is cut in half because the mentally retarted girl next door waits up for him everynight so she can come out and talk to him. I think Ive gots me some competition.

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mike garner said...

We'll be seeing you soon. I expect by then you will have perfected some artistic rendering of the ORANGE & BLACK for your polished toe nials?